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Finally an Update!

Hello! It’s been a minute (and nearly a dozen cities). Maybe this delay was inevitable to you or maybe you’re disappointed as I am at my inconsistency in updating. To be clear, I’m not being exceptionally hard on myself about not posting, I just wish there were more hours in a day and more of a writing spirit in me after long days in new places. But as the pace has picked up and the wifi connections have slowed down in the last few weeks, it’s been more and more of a challenge to get photos together and updates written.

Consider the following super short updates (like one sentence a piece), or “sneak peaks” of more detailed accounts hopefully to come:

  1. Louisville was great and we consumed plenty of bourbon.

  2. New River Gorge and Shenandoah camping back to back was wonderful and beautiful and an interesting look at the newest and oldest National Parks respectively.

  3. The Paul McCartney concert in New Jersey was outstanding and I received a top-notch Beatles education from Grace on the way.

  4. I’m so glad I got some time to see family in Virginia Beach, their hospitality was so appreciated.

  5. DC was exciting and a good introduction to the East Coast leg of the trip (and we stayed safe).

  6. Seeing Grace’s hometown of Baltimore was super fun and staying with some of her family friends was lovely.

  7. Philadelphia was gorgeous and we both really enjoyed the casual city atmosphere and the sociability of the hostel we stayed in.

  8. New York was so great and shockingly not overwhelming as we stayed with friends who helped us around the city like locals.

  9. Cape Cod (Chatham, specifically) was wonderfully relaxing.

…And you’re all caught up!

Mostly, I’ve been really enjoying being wherever I am (note: I have read three books and completed almost every Wordle in the time it took me to write these past zero blog posts), despite some guilt over not checking in with folks enough. I think writing about the experiences when I get back will be a good way to process the trip and give myself writing assignments as I transition back to “normal life.” So, new plan! I’m going to do my best to upload photos with captions that give some context as we complete these last couple of weeks and write diaristic blogs as I was initially doing at the end of the trip when I’ve had a chance to really contextualize these experiences.

Thanks again to everyone who’s checked in on this blog or sent me a supportive text. It means the world and I’m so grateful for all of the wonderful people in my life!

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